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SyncroSpeed VFD Technology    

                    "Tomorrows Energy saved, is today's waste

    of company NET funds"

CCS Technology design & install energy saving systems for retrofit to injection molding machines. Our SyncroSpeed system is the single biggest energy saver the molding industry can embrace to achieve its goals in improving energy efficiency, reducing energy costs as well reducing emissions, improving its green credentials.

Energy saving
Less than half of the energy consumed by the electric motors provides useful power to operate the injection molding machine. There are energy losses at every stage during the course of generating hydraulic power by the motor and pumps then transmitting power through hydraulic valves, hoses, and manifolds, and finally consuming power at the actuator.


Understanding where and how the wasted energy occurs is the key to minimizing losses and improving the efficiency of the molding machine. That's were our 30 Engineers come aboard. Decades of Injection Molding Process and Schneider Electric controls experience - now expertise, the foundation of SyncroSpeed VFD software. The key to seamless operation is the interface software, that will work with your processing. You control the cycle, we optimize it! 













The SyncroSpeed system attacks the losses associated with oil volume control, pressure losses, and in some cases the operating efficiency of the pumps. Even today's Servo - Variable Volume Pump systems will benefit from our VFD systems. The savings on Fixed and Variable pump hydraulic systems 25-50%. The latter for Fixed pump systems. 


"Anyone can slow down a motor to reduce kWh, yet only SyncroSpeed will rid 20% - 50% kWh usage without cycle time compromise "

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variable frequency drive - SyncroSpeed - Robert Knaster

Reduced energy consumption 53.2%  ( SMP Molders)

90% of the Overall cost of ownership of your injection machine is Electricity.

Why waste a drop? 


What to expect?

Engel Duo Variable Volume Pumps

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      SyncroSpeed Optimized even on an " efficient" injection machine 

Additional 30% kWh reductions

Annual run hours 8000

 Cost of energy in Canada location .14 ( USA )

Utility grant at .10 per kWh saved : $29,000.00

ROI sub 12 months 

Resulted: $16,800.00 captured. This single machine would've wasted $336,000.00 in producing parts at wholesale to realize the same revenue offered by ridding " kWh" with SyncroSpeed in place.

The Short of SyncroSpeed VFD Technology 

Energy reduction isn't a chore, it's a competitive edge you control.

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     The short of SyncroSpeed VFD  World-Wide success is our software, by controlling the proper motor speed necessary to deliver oil movement, often 35% - 50% energy reductions are realized. How does $350,0000.00 saved....annually sound, that's just the first year!

     Profiled once SyncroSpeed requires no further adjustments as it’s fully automatic reading and anticipating the needs of all different tools. Motors and pumps remain as OEM installed. You'll process as you wish.  The Schneider display screen will offer the savings per shot.  You'll take advantage of the cost of energy screen. This offers per part cost of energy. You must note, the cost of energy is just one rung below that of labor. 30% reduced kWh is close to ridding 10% labor costs! 

Utility Incentive programs 

USA & Canada

 Local electric providers throughout The USA and Canadian Regions often Grant 20-40% of your SyncroSpeed VFD project cost. Our team will assist with the application process. Pre-Approvals before you place the project in motion

Robert Knaster

(914) 582-1848

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 USA - Mexico - Canada
CeO office: Robert Knaster
(914) 582-1848
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