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Multiple Energy Ben-efit$

Now, quantitative software to provide a clear picture to the actual Multiple Benefits ("dollars") realized because of energy savings.....other than the primary kWh reduction project. 


 Furthermore, reduce kWh saved on your injection machine - in turn " wear and tear on the motor is reduced". Hence greater realized savings. Beyond reducing downtime

 Link to Bio: Catherine Cooremans 


Non-energy benefits (NEBs) include all the benefits entailed by new equipment which is not an energy benefit in and of itself. Often increases of 50% -200% of project realize benefit is achieved, without any additional costs.

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Often-observed examples of NEBs include maintenance cost reduction, increase in workplace comfort or safety , increase in industrial productivity (thanks to lower production time or a reduction of the rejection rate), and product quality improvement.


A new revenue stream, that will fund other Capital equipment 

required to increase productivity.

Reduced Per part Cost, may open doors to contracts once out of reach. You increase your competitive if you already possess "the best price"

A reduction in GHG emissions is another frequently-observed NEB of an energy-efficiency project. Often a task to reduce " carbon footprint" promoted on company websites, made into a reality....with Reward$.



Similar to energy benefits, NEBs translate into financial benefits for the investor. New software to quantify NeB now available .

 "An investment is strategic if it contributes to create, maintain or develop a sustainable competitive advantage" (Cooremans, 2011).

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