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SyncroSpeed helps molders cut energy consumption


A retrofit motor speed control, SyncroSpeed, distributed in the United States by -Plastic Metal USA Ltd., helps molders reduce their energy consumption. Plastic Metal USA CEO Robert Knaster has released some details about some customers.

In Mexico, Tupperware Brands Corp. has equipped 29 Engel injection presses with SyncoSpeed and Knaster said the housewares maker has another 29 SyncoSpeed-equipped Engels in India.

Other SyncoSpeed users include Canadian pipe producer Ipex Inc., and U.S. processors Derby Molders, Ames True Temper, International Automotive Components and Xten Industries LLC.

Knaster also said appliance makers in Germany and Brazil use the technology.

Plastic Metal USA has signed up three new SyncoSpeed agents in Mexico, building on the successful retrofit at Tupperware. Plastic Metal is based in Bayside, N.Y.

According to Knaster, the savings for 8,7000 run hours, or about a year of operation, can save $45,000 per year, per machine.

we have had very good results with the Syncrospeed units in the area of 30% reduction in energy on the latest install we NOW have optimized process parameters … gaining a further 20% savings in energy reduction going to 52% these new settings will be trialed onto similar machines John Spagnoletti | Canplas | Canada

the project went well for us … I am supportive of the technology John Scott | Marley | New Zealand

The most recent phase was completed on four HPM machines during 2019. These machines have fixed volume pumps with an unusual setup of speed control by the host machine. Some developmental programming by CCS software engineers found important gains in savings, lifting some results to over 50%.

“Mr Fred and all team were very careful and helpful in all process, from the study to the implementation, and so far after approximately one year everything is working.”

Fernando Teixeira


Fapil – Industria S.A.

4 SyncroSpeed systems, Portugal

“Impressive energy saving package, from start to finish.”

Brent English
 CleanTech Partners, Inc.

facilitator, 11 SyncroSpeed installations, USA

“From kick-off to commissioning your team was prompt and professional and I would easily recommend this system to others …”

Eric Lotimer, P. Eng.

Director of Manufacturing

Mitchell Plastics

single SyncroSpeed installation, Canada

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